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Antonia G


Interior Designer


January 2024


SE11, London


Interior Design, Project Management, Handyman Services

With a background in service industries I went back to college to train as a sculpture but discovered a love of site specific installations and the concept of spatial-psychology. I went on to do masters at CSM in narrative environments – considering the emotional connection between human and object I created a design tool called RDG which randomly generates sequences of information which helps to curate site specific spaces for clients. From February 2011 I have immersed myself in the home sharing community Airbnb, PlumGuide. Designing and managing homes for the expatriate community worldwide.

In 2014 I was elected as a Fellow of the RSA for my work in helping Aegean Greek islanders open their homes to visitors at the height of the migrant and economic crisis.

I think about homes as multi-functional space that can be used for hire from micro wedding venues to film shoots to short stays, each home has a clear design narrative.

I collaborate with people who are cutting edge thinking about sustainability and high end.

In 2021 I was invited by Homo Faber Guide (Michelangelo Foundation) for master-craft men women and Ateliers as their first Bespoke home upcycler.

I am designing a range of sustainable hybrid sofas using landfill where 30% of cost will go towards pro-bono work altering homes of families stuck in housing hell or on council waiting lists to help ease the housing crisis - Sustainability is not just design it's also community and inspiration.

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